Just what the HELL is V-Max Outlaw?

Well, let's start with what V-Max Outlaw IS NOT...

  • It isn't V-Max Outlaws, it's V-Max Outlaw!
  • It isn't a club - there aren't any dues or membership fees, and it is NOT associated with any club.
  • It isn't a motorcycle gang - so it doesn't occupy any  'turf '.

An apology to members of the VMOA

So... what the HELL is it?

V-Max Outlaw is dedicated to promoting the legendary Yamaha V-Max motorcycle by providing owners with technical and product information, forums to contact other owners, events, discounts, and V-Max related merchandise. These services and more are available to V-Max owners world-wide with no membership fees or club dues!

After all, it's about the V-Max, not about the club.  'Members only' motorcycle club attitudes  and the bickering between clubs for turf and membership have cast a dark shadow on motorcycling for years and only serve to divide and alienate that which we profess to promote.  Those attitudes have no place here.  V-Max Outlaw information, rides, and benefits have continued to grow as owners and enthusiasts migrate to the global on-line community of V-Maxers and discover what's available from those who wish to contribute for the benefit of all.

V-Max Outlaw is about wheelies and burnouts... It's about showing the V-twin bikes they just might need a couple more cylinders to keep up with 'Grandpa Max'.  Anyone who loves the V-Max has a little Outlaw in them, and that's just what this site and V-Max Outlaw is all about!

ALL V-Max owners and enthusiasts everywhere, regardless of club or organization affiliation, are welcome to join in and participate in everything V-Max Outlaw.  We welcome suggestions and help in making V-Max Outlaw an adventure we can all share and enjoy!