SPA - Combination Speedometer/Tachometer

by Terry Campbell

Probably one of the most annoying things about the Vmax is the size and placement of the tachometer. In addition to being designated as one of the smallest, (if not in fact "the" smallest), in the industry it is also very hard to view; usually at times when you need it the most. Many Maxers have addressed this problem by mounting a tachometer alongside their speedometer or in some cases have eliminated the speedometer entirely to make room.

I am sure that everyone has pondered the concept of a "dual" instrument that would function as a tachometer while retaining necessary speedometer and odometer services. The icing on the cake would of course be for this "amazing" device to mount in place of the original speedometer preserving a "stock" appearance and configuration.

It just so happens that there are such "instruments" available. When this topic became a discussion item on the Vmax Technical List, casual research revealed two different units that appeared to meet these requirements. One of the units is manufactured by SPA Technique, ( ) and the other by Stack Inc., ( ).

The SPA combo Speedometer/Tachometer includes the following: