Mirror .. Mirror on the ah .. VMAX !!

by Terry Campbell

There are plenty of aftermarket mirrors out there to satisfy almost any personal preference. However, if you like the appearance and functionality of a "stock" mirror but would like to streamline things a little, (and add a little of that "there is something different but I can't tell what it is" effect), then steal a set of Royal Star mirrors for a song from one of your "cruiser" buddies. They are stock items on Royal Stars, (including the Royal Star Venture), the Road Star and infact the entire Yamaha "Star" line of cruisers. The mirror heads are identical to those used on stock Vmaxes but the stems are smaller in diameter, shorter and bend at a steeper angle. The stems on both mirrors are removable and interchangable. They are available directly from Yamaha, left part no: 4NK-26280-00-00, right part no: 4NK-26290-00-00. Or, for much less, you can get aftermarket versions at Flanders ( http://www.flanderscompany.com/ - select mirrors). Flanders part numbers are 401-86834 and 401-86833.

The "Star" mirror is at the bottom ..