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Documentation & Specs

    Acrobat viewer  for pdf files (like service & owners manual below)

    V-Max owners manual on-line - 4.57mb pdf file

    V-Max service manual on-line (Thanks Matt!) - 30mb pdf file

    2001 model specifications

    2002 model specifications - Doh! Look familiar? (some things just don't change!)

    Model History (changes from 1985 to 2001)

    Model year pictures

    Speed in Gears - Chart of calculated Vmax speed for each gear

    V-Max frame & engine numbering guide

    V-Max Full Power Guide - Frame number/HP rating chart and stock carburetor settings by model type chart

    85 model microfiche

    96 model microfiche

    Another V-Max microfiche on-line (and other bikes)


Tech Tips


    Cover Those Holes! - A few tips on various plugs for covering holes on your V-Max

    Paint matching - Color-Rite is the place to get factory matched paint for your Max

    Short Mirror Stems - Changing the stock mirror stems to shorter versions...

    Tach Cover Variations - See the different Vmax instrument covers available



    Yamaha R1 caliper conversion


Carburetor and Carb Tuning

    Air filter comparison - Foam, paper, gauze

    Airbox Modifications and High Flow Air Filters

    Carburetor 101 - all you ever wanted to know about carburetors (pdf file)

    Carburetor quick reference diagram - Cut-out diagram shows jet and other tuning parts clearly

    Cleaning V-Max pilot jets - Idle or low speed problems? This might fix you right up.

    CV Carb Diaphragm Tips - Tips on how to rejuvenate your carb diaphragms

    CV Carb Tuning Guide

    Idle Screw Brass Plug Removal

    Jet size comparison - Chart with Dynojet and Mikuni jet size comparisons

    Low speed carb adjustments - Combination of 2 articles from 2 authors to help you ture the low-speed mixture


Cooling System

    Cooling System - Improve efficiency using Red Line WaterWetter (technical article)



    Venture rear end (differential) swap - Change overall gearing on your Max with this mod


Electrical - Ignition, wiring, battery, etc.

    Battery Maintenance - All you ever wanted to know about battery maintenance and safety, by Yuasa Corp.

    'Crimp' connection fix - How to improve your charging system voltage (MUST DO!)

    Improved Horn - Here's an inexpensive LOUD replacement for the stock whimpy unit!

    T-Boost - Terry Campbell's acclaimed modification which allows the V-Boost to open at 3K rpm (instead of 6K). Make one yourself!

    V-Max Wiring diagram

    Which battery should I use in my V-Max? - Recommended batteries for Mr. Max



    Exhaust flow, noise, and design - Theoretical discussion relating to V-Max



    Double-D clutch modification - Provides economical improvement to stock V-Max clutch holding power

    Gasoline Octane Rating Systems & the V-Max

    Late model V-Max oil filter alternatives - listing of available oil filters for your 96-up Max

    Motorcycle Oil Article - Great article by Mike Guillory, a former retired chemist from major oil company

    Solid motor mount installation - Article also includes diagrams of solid mount specifications for machining your own



    Removing steering head races



    SPA Tach - Multi-use replacement for the Max speedo


Wheels, Tires, Suspension

    Fat Tire Installation - Moving the washer on rear axle to allow spacing for 170 series tire on the stock rear wheel

    Fork Spring Replacement - This is the first suspension mod everyone should do

    Racetech Cartridge Emulators - Article on how they work and installation

    Radial Tires on a Budget - Least expensive means to add radial tires to your Max!

    Radial Tire Wheel Options - Alternative rear wheel article by Ken Sutton

    Tire changing - Excellent article by Adam Glass on how and what you need to be successful

    Venture Wheel Adaptation - One guys experience with adapting another models wheels, and the effects of radial tires.



    Bolt Sizes - Determining V-Max bolt sizes from Yamaha part numbers

    How to Launch Your Vmax - By Dale Walker (4 time national drag racing champion)

    Running Into the 10's (on a Vmax) - By Dale Walker (4 time national drag racing champion)

    Spark Plug numbering basics - Article on spark plugs and NGK plug numbering

    Torque vs. Horsepower - Article written by Rod Heilfron


Various V-Max Information & Tech

    Belt Drive V-Max! - Charlie Bernardi's unique wonder

    Calculate your horsepower here!

    Making of the V-max

    Magazines with V-max content

    Video clips with V-Max content

    Original Yamaha Dealer V-Max Brochures

    Want to beat that speeding ticket?



    V-Max paper models - something to do on those long winter nights

    V-Max screen saver (courtesy of Yamaha) - 1.39mb size

    V-Max technical forum/mailing list