Improved Horn

That won't break your budget!

by David Knudsen - 8/30/02

I found a replacement horn that's a lot louder and super easy to install.  It's 125 db, looks like the stock horn, only about 3 more inches larger in diameter.  It's 12 volt and plugs right into the existing wiring - no extra fuses or anything to do.  It's pretty loud - sounds like a car horn and not the cheesy little crap the stock horn put out.  Mounting is simple - you can use the same mounting holes as the stock horn, except it won't fit in the tucked up space of the stock horn.  I had to use the included extra mounting piece to extend it out in front of the exhaust pipes.  It's mounted sideways actually, and I could only use one mounting hole, but it works and it's pretty securely on there. It's noticeable - I don't think it looks incredibly attractive - but it's not ugly and it sure works a lot better than the stock horn. 

Price is US$45.00 from JC Whitney (1-800-469-3894).  Catalog No. AAE013197P.  They have a website as well, which is  I'll take a picture of how mine is mounted, scan it and email it in when I have time.