Stock Fork Spring Replacement

October 2002

The stock fork springs in the V-Max are very weak and get weaker very quickly. This creates a mushy front end feel along with excessive braking dive, and can contribute to the dreaded 'wobble' or high speed instability problem the V-Max has been saddled with since it's introduction (due to reduced front end 'rake'). Fortunately the fix is relatively easy, replace the springs with quality aftermarket versions. Progressive Suspension makes a quality set of springs at a reasonable price. Here are the Progressive Suspension brand part numbers for the V-Max:

The springs can be bought online at Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse for $57.95/pair + shipping using the above part numbers to locate the correct springs for your model. We also recommend you change the fork oil with the springs. Use a quality 20W motorcycle fork oil and fill to recommended level as outlined in the Yamaha V-Max service manual. Instructions for replacing the springs can also be found in the service manual.

Progressive Suspension has a technical sheet on fork spring installation and tuning available here.

Good luck and don't put off this crucial step in improving your V-Max and making it more road-worthy and safe.