"Double-D' Clutch Modification

This modification utilizes two of the stock diaphragm springs to increase tension on the clutch plates and improve clutch holding power. It is the least expensive and a very effective way of improving the stock V-Max clutch. The only negative aspect is the increased lever pull needed to operate the beefed-up clutch. Depending on your hand strength, this can be a bit tiring in stop and go traffic.


  1. Place the bike on the side stand (not the center stand).  You do not need to drain oil to perform this modification, most of it will run to the opposite side of the engine. To help this you can place the bike on a sloped driveway with the side stand on the downhill side.

  2. Remove the clutch cover and gasket. Catch any dripping oil with a pan.

  3. Remove diaphragm spring by removing the six 6mm hex bolts with a 10mm socket.  Next, remove the aluminum pressure plate.

  4. Remove the clutch plates one at a time, using a 90 deg pick or coat hanger. Inspect the friction plates for wear and the steel plates for over-heating (blue discoloration). Keep the plates in order for assembly.

  5. At his point you can bead-blast the steel plates if necessary for extra grip. If the plates appear worn or 'smooth' this is probably a good alternative to purchasing new ones.

  6. Look inside the hub and you'll find the ends of a retaining wire that holds the clutch damper plate in place. Remove the wire by pushing the ends back through the holes in the inner hub.

  7. With the wire removed you can pull the full sized steel plate out. Now you can see the narrow friction disc, small wave washer and thin steel plate under the wave washer.  Discard the friction disc, wave washer and thin steel plate, as they will be of no further use.

  8. Get a new friction disc (Yamaha P/N 26H-16307-00) and put a small amount of engine oil on the new plate. Slide it in where the small wave washer used to be. Install the large steel plate and forget about the wire - you don't need that either.

  9. Install the clutch plates in the order that you removed them. Look at each steel plate and observe that the edges are slightly rounded on one side and not on the other. This is due to the die cutting process. Install the plates facing all the same direction (rounded sides in or out) regardless of the original direction they were installed.

  10. Install the pressure plate and diaphragm spring along with the second diaphragm spring on top of the original.

  11. DO NOT torque the six 6mm bolts to factory specs as outlined in the service manual. Doing so will most likely snap a bolt off in the clutch basket requiring removal with an Easy-Out. Place Loc-tite Blue (removeable) on the cleaned threads of each 6mm bolt and install with 1/4" ratchet (with 10mm socket) until snug.

  12. Install the new clutch cover gasket (P/N 26H-15462-00-00) and cover.  Don't over tighten the cover. Start your V-Max and check for leaks.