CV Carb Tuning

By Factory Pro Tuning

Follow steps in order....First, dial in:

1. Top end (full throttle / 7.5k to redline) - Best Main Jet must be selected before starting step 2!

Select Best Main Jet

2. Midrange (full throttle /5k-7k)

Select best needle clip position

3. Low end (full throttle / 2k-3k)

Float height (AKA fuel level & how to..)

REMEMBER, since the main jet WILL affect low speed operation, the MAIN JET has to be within 1 or 2 sizes of correct before final float setting.

WARNING: If the engine is left with the fuel level too high,, the engine may foul plugs on the street and will be "soft" and boggy at part throttle operation. Adjust Floats to raise/ lower the Fuel Level.


4. Idle and low rpm cruise

Fuel Screw setting (AKA mixture screws)

NOTE: A rich problem gets worse as the engine heats up.

NOTE: A lean problem gets better as the engine heats up.