Cover Those Holes !

by Terry Campbell

Many Vmaxers have removed the pilot mixture screw plugs from their carburetors in order to be able to make adjustments to improve the drivability and performance of their favorite motorcycle. Doing so usually leaves a gaping 1/4 inch hole that is not very attractive. In addition to being somewhat unsightly, leaving these holes open invite corrosion which unchecked may lead to the fusing of these very delicate screws and endanger the serviceability of the entire carburetor.

1/4 inch polypropylene plugs are available at practically any hardware store. They are easily installed and just as easily removed for subsequent service adjustments. Even if you decide to not cover these holes, be sure to protect the pilot mixture screw threads with a light coating of silicone grease or a suitable "never-seize" compound.

Drilled Pilot Mixture Screw Hole

Poly Plug Installed


OK ... Lets Cover Some More Holes

There seems to be no logic why some of the exposed socket screws on the Vmax are filled with a nice chrome button plug while others are not. Depending on personal preference, there are more than a few opportunities to dress up some of these fasteners with original factory buttons, (Yamaha part no: 90338-08163-00).

OK, you are probably wondering where those chrome shock donuts came from. The donut is actually referred to as a "washer" and is available as Yamaha part no: 57A-22243-01-00, from late model Viragos. In order to accept one of the factory button plugs the top shock bolt must be changed to an 8x20mm socket head, (available from just about anywhere or from Yamaha as part no: 91314-08020-00). The seat rail and the lower clamps accept the plugs with no modification; just "plug 'em in".