Cleaning V-Max Pilot Jets

By Terry Campbell

There are two main air bleeds in our carbs. There are other bleeds but the ones that give us the most problems are the Pilot Air Jets or PAJ1 and PAJ2 . PAJ1 is located on the top of the carb (#2 in diagram below). You have to remove the airbox or filters if you have individual filters to get to it. If you are facing the carb when it is mounted on the bike you will see at the 6 o'clock position a large oval shaped hole and 4 round holes. Going counter clockwise starting from the oval hole the PAJ1 is the second round hole. It is the one that has the largest brass jet in it. The next hole or the third one in line has a smaller brass jet in it and it is the Main Jet air bleed. The PAJ2 is located behind the slide diaphragm (#5 in diagram below). You have to pull the cover off the side of the carb and pull out the slide to see it. It is the hole with the brass jet screwed in it. It is located at about the 3:00 position next to the oval shaped hole in the top of the housing which is connected to the oval shaped hole in the top of the carb. The PAJ1 and the PAJ2 are connected to the idle circuits of the carb. Whenever any dirt gets into the air bleed circuits it causes a rich mixture. What we experience is the bike runs like it has an intermittent bad spark plug in it. The blocking of the air jets can cause other problems if it is sever enough but this is the most common complaint.

What I do to correct the problem is:

I actually do this procedure at every other oil change and I also replace the spark plugs. This keeps a crisp running bike.