V-Max Wheelie & Burnout Pics!

Wanted!!! pics of burnouts and wheelies (only V-Max) for this page!

'Wheelie Bob' Brokaw in Tucson AZ (on his way down...) - 02/2000


George Harber from Texas doing his patriotic duty!


Brad Thomas 9/7/2002 on the way back from a Phoenix area ride



wheelie2.jpg (68436 bytes)

George Harber - Texas


W. Forest on 'Spanish Flyer'


VmaxBrad 1-2002
vmaxbrad3.JPG (37429 bytes) vmaxbrad1.JPG (36658 bytes) vmaxbrad2.JPG (38146 bytes)
VmaxBrad! - going!


VmaxBrad! - going!


VmaxBrad! - gone!


For video click here!


Russ Wood 9/7/2002


wheelie1.jpg (44523 bytes)
Darryl Richard - Canada


VmaxBrad 12-1999


VmaxBrad on DragonMax!



  Andrew Cropping, Canada  

Anyone else with wheelie pics???


James Tharp
June 5th, 2003


Thomas_Burnout.jpg (12327 bytes)

Smokem-if-you-got-'em.jpg (43664 bytes)
Burnout mpeg video sent in by Thomas L. (1.4mb)


Bruceter's burn-out 

Video here (1.2mb)


Mike Zigler's burn-out (400kb)

wpe7.jpg (7640 bytes)

Ken Johnson from El Paso, Sept. 2001 (1.5mb)


Kevin Rowl's burnout at Daytona 2002 Another of Kevin Rowl's burnouts at Daytona 2002
wpe4.jpg (5937 bytes)
Denise McAnulla's burnout at Daytona 2001


Krazy Kraigs different sort of burnout... (1.3mb) Donald's burnout
Dave Turner - Baltimore MD - USA


Greg Varela - California Darryl Richard - Canada
Multiple burnout movie from 2003 V-Max Vegas event


Alex M's Burnout video clip Jake Brooks burnout pic
Mark - Montreal Canada Chris' burnout video (1.3mb) Pierre Desjardins - Quebec Canada




We are somewhat flattered that one club liked the following pics (produced by Greg Spindel) so much they copied the psudo-stoppie idea for the August 2002 edition of their 'club magazine' cover and tried to pass it off as real!

Greg Spindel's death defying stoppie! This guy is a stoppie MANIAC! Greg will be giving stoppie lessons on his Max at the 2003 Topanga Canyon ride! Don't miss it!


Greg does it again! This time in front of the World Famous Rock Store on Mulholland Drive! Check out the girls reaction behind him!


Want a picutre of your burout or wheelie or stoppie on this page? Submit to outlaw@vmaxoutlaw.com!

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