The official 'mascot' of V-Max Outlaw!

For Sale - $10,500

email outlaw @ for more info

Owner - Jerry Ferguson, Gilbert AZ, USA. 

'Outlaw' is a 1996 model Yamaha V-Max with full German side-car conversion. The Vmax was purchased in the US and shipped to Sauer Sidecars in Germany for the Wing-Super-Sport model side-car conversion. Conversion includes leading-link forks, 5.5" wheels (on the Vmax) with Z-rated low-profile car tires, new Vmax shocks, frame reinforcement, and a dual-caliper disk brake system on the side-car wheel with lines to both the front and rear Vmax brake master cylinders. Conversion, including shipping each way, cost approximately US$23,000.00 for a total cost of about $34,000.00.

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