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Featured Picture

Ron Holtzapple's 8 Second V-Max

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'Outlaw' Vmax featured in the motorcycle calendar


Japanese Vmax club, check out those shirts!


balteras_max.jpg (76089 bytes)

John Baltera's blown Max


Dave Brilliandt's MaxZilla Andy Griffith's Max

Vmax-Single-sided-Front-Fork-Messe BMT.jpg (62114 bytes)

beaumonts.jpg (47206 bytes)

Jerry Ferguson's 'Dragon Max'
Riwi product's Max Paul Beaumont's turbo Max Jerry Ferguson's DragonMax


misc_max_1.jpg (79606 bytes) vmax1.jpg (40914 bytes) VMAX-2001-klein.jpg (91213 bytes)
Max with Mad Max fat tire conversion Marco's Max


skull-max.jpg (83261 bytes)

chopper-max.jpg (76114 bytes) chopper_close.jpg (83742 bytes)

Skull top cover compliments of Mike D.


Chopper-Max - compliments of Bruceter Chopper-Max close-up - compliments of Bruceter

beemax.jpg (39220 bytes)

P-51&Me.jpg (52989 bytes)

'Bee-Max' - current owner lives in FL USA


Kraig and his 'Long Range Max' - Texas USA


Greg Spindel's Max - NM USA


cow_bike.jpg (50437 bytes) ride_her.jpg (64190 bytes) BobuMax.jpg (83663 bytes)
Not a V-Max, but illustrates new seat cover material available from some dude in the Blue Ridge Mountains we heard about. Think it's called the SportMaxCow seat...


Also not a V-Max, but dammit, it should be! Bob Kasper's 'RatMax' - USA

Bill McReynolds from Tucson AZ


Rick Decatur's Vmax - Illinois USA


Paul Turner's Max - Georgia USA


Jimmy's picture of his ride through Boston during the animal rights anti-fur rally. It's a 91 FXRS but this guy deserves a spot on V-Max Outlaw!


Burl's old Vmax.  His buddy lost his life on it in and intersection crash a couple of years after he sold it to him. Slim's Vmax - UK
Jean Aker's Max - USA


Gary's Vmax - Florida USA Steve's Vmax - NY USA
Danny Roderiguez, Belgium Rick's Vmax


Rich's Vmax - Illinois  USA
Donald Fox's Max - RI  USA Phanos' Max from Cyprus w/dyno


Sluggo's V-Max - Florida  USA

Deon's V-Max - South Africa


Mike Donahue's Tatoo from his honeymoon...


Steven Glaze's Vmax trike! - UK


VMAX.jpg (26413 bytes) Marc.jpg (59903 bytes)


Dillien Serge's Vmax - Belgium - This Max wins the diversity award to be sure.


Steve T's Vmax - South Carolina USA
Chip Fisher's Vmax - Florida  USA Paul L's Vmax - Michigan  USA 'Sidecar Mike's' V-Max sidecar with Lindsay Wagner in the car - California USA

Bruno's Vmax - Brasil


Unique Side-car Max


Marco Design - Black Mutant


Parrish's Vmax Jules Vmax - UK Dave Turner - Baltimore MD - USA


Piero's Bobby LE sidecar - Minnesota  USA


First winter snow of 2002 catches New York Vmax owner off-guard.


Bill Seward's 85 (original owner) w/120,000 miles on it and no engine work! - New York  USA


  Jim's Max - Savage, Maryland USA  
Big Peter from Quebec


Niels Vmax - Holland


Unique 3-wheel max


Fenris's Max - UK   Steelheart Engineering Max - UK


Richard Brown's Vmax (and kids) - UK


Tony Radley's (Bigtone) Max - UK Jack Trelease's Vmax - Colorado USA
Captain Condom - UK


Neil Henderson's Max - UK


Kirk Behrendt's Max


Spaniel's Max - France Couple of good examples of how NOT to load your Vmax...


's Max Czech Republic


Dale's Midnight Express - UK ALLAN WOODS Max - Glasgow Scotland


Mike Perreira's Max - RI  USA

Wade's Vmax - Canada


Beat's Vmax - Switzerland


Andrew Curran's Vmax - Norway bike


Brian Hammer's Max - NY


Andrew Cropping's Max, Canada


Jerusalem,  Israel
Brian Mayer's Max Ken Aloi's Max - NY





88 Model Shockwave pics


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