V-Max Performance and Maintenance

T-Boost Kits

V-Max enthusiast Terry Campbell's acclaimed device which allows the V-Boost induction system to begin open at 3000 RPM instead of 6000 stock. This provides a seat-of-the-pants feel you wont want to be without! (NOTE: V-Boost begins to open about 6000 RPM stock and is fully open about 7000, the T-Boost modification begins valve actuation at about 3000 RPM and is fully open by 4000). Switched version has remote mountable toggle switch to allow selectable 3000 or original 6000 (stock) RPM V-Boost operation.

Each kit complete with everything you need to perform a complete and simple installation, including an 8 page step-by-step detailed instruction booklet with full color photos. Anyone capable of removing the seat and left scoop on their Max can install it in minutes

No wires to cut - easy installation and easily removed to return to completely stock configuration.

90 day full warranty.

Both Kits fit all year V-Maxes to 2008

(tboost-001) 3K RPM activation - $34.95  

(tboost-002) Switched model, 3K or 6K (stock) RPM activation - $48.95  

V-Max Cooling Solutions

Outlaw Radiator Fan Switch Kit

Fits ALL YEARS V-Max Models

1985 - 2008

NOTE: This switch provides temperature controlled fan operation, like the stock unit. Don't be fooled by false claims for speed activated or manually operated  switches which don't monitor and control the radiator fan based on actual engine operating temperature as the factory engineers designed.

Finally a solution to the V-max cooling system issues, tested and proven in the Arizona desert heat.  The Outlaw fan switch replaces your stock switch and effectively lowers the radiator fan temperature operating range by 20 degrees allowing your radiator fan to come on much sooner. This keeps your normal operating temperature near the middle of the stock temperature gauge*, instead of at or near the red area when temperatures soar.  Each unit temperature tested to ensure correct temperature operating range for the Vmax (we found this necessary due to tolerance and temperature range differences seen in different manufacturers switches).

  • Easy 20-30 minute installation

  • Everything for installation included, nothing else to buy

  • Complete directions with photos make installation a snap!

  • 90 day full warranty

Kit contents:

  • Fan switch, temperature tested and ready to plug in

  • Vmax harness pin extraction tool

  • Heat shrink connector protection

  • Detailed instructions with color installation photos

(cooling-001) Outlaw fan switch kit - $59.95 each  

(All Vmaxes with Outlaw fan switch installed tested operated at or near the center of the stock temperature gauge, even in heavy stop and go traffic and summer outside temperatures in excess of 105 degrees F.)

Carburetor Idle Adjustment Plugs

These plugs cover the holes left when the factory carburetor idle adjustment brass plugs are removed to allow idle mixture adjustment. They help prevent water and dirt from entering the adjustment screw area which can cause the idle adjustment screw to seize - an expensive repair. Plugs come in a set of 4 and are available in silver or black (black shown).

(plug-002) Carb plugs - silver - $2.95/set of 4  

Maintenance Items

Float Battery Charger

Maintains perfect float charge on your liquid or gel cell battery to keep it fresh for extended life.  The charger voltage has been precisely adjusted, tested, and fully burned-in for optimum performance and no over-charging or burning up of battery (like most chargers tend to do). Will maintain battery for extended periods of non-use safely. Just attach and forget until it's time to ride!

Automatic safety shutoff

� 10 ft leads

� Operates on 120VAC, 60HZ (US type power)

� Complete directions

� Mounting hardware included

� 90-day warranty

(charger-001) Outlaw battery charger - $16.95 each  

Compact Multitester

This compact size multitester is the right tool to take along with you on your V-Max for those seemingly inevitable times when electrical problems creep up.  Also handy for checking stator output and resistance per the service manual and the notorious wiring voltage drops the V-Max is known for. Measuring only 5 inches X 2.5 inches X 1 inch (slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes) and weighing only a few ounces, it can fit almost anywhere.


  • Easy-to-read 3.5" LCD readout

  • Positive set selector switch

  • 32" leads included

  • Low battery indicator (battery included)

  • Fuse and diode protected circuit


  • DC-A: 0-200uA-2000uA-20mA-200mA

  • Resistance: 0-200-2000-20K-200K-2000K ohms

  • DC-V: 0-200mV-2000mV-20V-200V-1000V

  • AC-V: 0-200-750V


  • Compact multimeter with high impact plastic housing

  • 32" leads

  • Battery

  • Instructions

V-Max electrical tips booklet and separate electrical troubleshooting guide/chart included with multitester purchase!

(meter-001) Outlaw multitester - $10.95 each