Las Vegas  Rally '99

October 1-3, 1999

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Jerry, Josh, and Mike at Hoover dam looking cool with the shades on.


'Iron-butt' Cash's bike upon arriving from CA


Cory's bike


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Kelly on the strip


Elvis lives! Vmax guys in background


Yes, it's a Max...


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On the strip


Group at the top of Stratosphere Friday night. Top left to bottom right: Roger Sereika, Cory Frost, Kelly Cash, Mike Cramer, Josh Medisch, Jerry Ferguson, John Czora. Just for the record, Josh and Roger chickened out on the Big Shot ride that night.


Cory's CyberMax at HD Cafe


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Kelly and Bee-Max/Killer-V at HD Cafe Good thing (for his wife) Cory is happily married, 'cause these chicks were literally ALL OVER his bike and asking who the owner was!


Blondes dig Suzuki's (and Suzuki owners) too...
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Group at Hilton trying to decide what to do next. Cory finally met his childhood idol, and he was in AWE! We had a tough time getting him away... Kelly won the biggest grin award Friday night. Prize was, well, use your imagination...


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Mike pissed off this Klingon at the 'Star Trek Experience', then all the Vmax guys had to open a can of Federation/VMOA WHOOP-ASS on him!


Mike Cramer on the strip Josh Medisch on the strip
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Strip action


George & Cory on the strip


More strip action


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Traffic lights suck in Vegas. Had time to jump off and snap this one.


Strip at night John Czora in front of Belagio on the strip
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Left to right: Cliff Lamb, John Czora, Josh Medisch, Clint Lamb, George Thorward, Cory 'Elvis' Frost, Mike Cramer, and Kelly Cash


Same group + 'Maxless' Jerry Ferguson (long story) Maxes at Red Rock
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Cramer action shot at Red Rock


Clint Lamb action


Elvis. er-a Cory action


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Group at the Lamb bros gas station






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Group at the Stratosphere bar


Another view


Kelly was very proud of the fact he DRAGGED some of the Maxers to a 'gentleman's cabaret'. Needless to say, we all waited outside for him to finish his shenanigans...


zoramime.jpg (34899 bytes)
Czora was trying to steal Kelly's new chick, but she was diggin' the bee thing. Said she wanted to ride on the stinger...

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