4th Annual Topanga Canyon Ride

Los Angeles, California - January 4-5 2003

We had about 30 Vmaxes and 40 bikes in all show up for the 2 day event just northwest of Los Angeles in the Santa Monica mountains. Weather was absolutely beautiful and the riding was second to none. 

Greg Spindel did a great  job of arranging the food and rides for this event - thanks Greg for another outstanding event!

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AZ Vmaxers on the road to SoCal


Unloading the red flamer!
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A few bikes atop Topanga for the first day's ride A few more show up...
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Mingling Chilling in the club house before the ride
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Group at lookout in Topanga saddle area First days ride bikes
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Greg Spindel and his bike Bob (who worked construction 17 years so he could beat UNIX boys in a shoving match) & Kenny


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Kenny and his customized helmet


Jerry's purple 94  


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Group at Point Magoo naval base


Mike Cramer poses Group pic at Point Magoo first day of riding
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Pat Ahearn's nice purple Max at the Rock Store Some of the bikes first day at the Rock Store




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Brian Shaw got an owie when his brakes didn't work as well as he thought they did... Look closely for the toejam.


Few of the guys in Mel's Diner on Sunset in Hollywood


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Lookin at the view from high atop the Hollywood hills (full moon)


 Breakfast on Sunday, on the water at Malibu Beach

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Stray sidecar Max we found at the breakfast place


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Group picture from Sundays ride


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Sunday at the Rock Store