Printed pictures of some below are available at -> event I.D. is ride.

Event attendees mingle with Jay Leno and his turbine-driven bike at the Rock Store.


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Group  atop Topanga Canyon.


Group ready for ride atop Topanga Canyon. Crazy Greg Varela with the helmet-cam.
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Brad & Steve


Jerry and Greg's bike next to him Bikes at Neptune's restaurant
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Brian & lovely wife


Road through canyon Jerry on the freeway
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Christina & raffle prize (V-Max Outlaw clock)


Greg & raffle prize (V-Max Outlaw shirt) Drinking fountain???
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Bikes at hotel


Bikes at hotel Bikes at hotel
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Freeway action


In town OK, they're not homos, but they ARE sweet on each other!


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Eating Place along the way


Steve's top cover Rock Store
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Greg's Kosman wheel (he loves it) View of Pacific ocean from hotel terrace


Close-up of Greg Varela's new Kosman rear wheel


kosman2.jpg (37485 bytes) rock_store1.jpg (61673 bytes) rock_store2.jpg (68620 bytes)
Other side of the Kosman rear wheel


Rock Store Maxes at Rock Store
Jay Leno and Christina (with Brian sneaking in)


Rock store pic  
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Brad & Greg rap


Partial group pic at the 'Store' V-Max fans doing the Outlaw salute!