Arizona - Phoenix to Prescott Ride

Saturday - February 23, 2002

Most of the group (few left early) at overlook on Hwy 89 near Yarnell AZ. This ride we had a great group of diverse bikes including 18 Vmaxes, an R1, a few GSXR1000's, couple of ZX9's, Ducati monster, Goldwing, Hayabusa, a Maxxim and a Virago, a couple more Hondas and a few more. Thanks to all who joined!


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Lookout point Meeting place - Dennys


Meeting place - Dennys


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Outlaw lookin' dudes


Gas stop in Wickenburg Gas stop in Wickenburg
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Gas stop in Wickenburg


Outlaw action courtesy Brad Thomas on his way down from a wheelie

For video click here


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Sportbike guys. They do this every time we invite them...


Prescott town square Few of the bikes at a stop in the pines
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Drained the oil on the road and installed big bore kit to compensate for the added side-car weight.


Testing out the 007 oil slick device. Works great! Steve McManus,  Mike Cramer, Matt McCabe
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Terry Campbell caught in a rare moment pumping gas (usually goes to full-service stations).


Pool Sharks


Greg Spindel's Max (Borla cans)
moratos.jpg (114790 bytes) brad_wheelie2.jpg (86916 bytes) backrest.jpg (48242 bytes)
The Moratos (Ramon & Aurelia) More hooliganism - Brad on Greg Varela's Max


Ramon's Exactrep back rest
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Greg Varela's Kosman wheel conversion


Other side... Glen Heithold's long range solution... A beer keg to quench your thirst while riding. (Not really, it's a gas tank)


drawing.jpg (75617 bytes) hat_winner.jpg (82734 bytes) shirt_winner.jpg (69021 bytes)
Drawing for prizes (Chris chooses next winner)


Outlaw hat winner (Chris)


Outlaw shirt winner


monster_boy.jpg (111584 bytes) ca_boys.jpg (72710 bytes) ride.jpg (666481 bytes)
Joe the Monster boy on his, uh, Monster CA boys came to town and educated us in diversity


Curve action via the side-car cam
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Hooligans for sure


More curves


Stop in the pines


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Stop in the pines Stop in the pines Lookout point
Mike and Greg The infamous oil trail...  

Thanks to Matt McCabe and Christina Lagarde for contributing some of the pics.