Phoenix to Prescott Arizona Breakfast Ride

October 10, 1999

Attending bikes after arrival in Prescott, AZ at town square. 11 Vmaxes and several others made the 127 mile ride from Phoenix up through the twisties of Yarnell hill.


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Bikes at Denny's that morning


Brad's Max


Breakfast #1 at Denny's with the early-birds of the group


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Charlie Bernardi's belt drive Max


Riders ready to hit the road




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Group in Prescott at town square


Group in Prescott at town square


Dieter Marquardt cornering


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Lawrence Newton cornering. He scraped the peg and right muffler on this one!


More cornering... More...
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Streetfighter & cornering in the background


Dieter and his streetfighter


Josh Medisch and wife Tina


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Josh & Tina Medisch


Doug Bennett


Group at overlook point


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Jerry Ferguson's ride during his unanticipated extended DragonMax modifications


Lookout point view Another point view
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Biker statue?


View of some switchbacks


No comment.


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Charlie's belt drive


Charles Bernardi and bike


Other side of the belt drive


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Another view of the belt drive


Brad Thomas & Kelly Gelwicks


Dieter's cool see-thru German clutch cover


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Bikes at lookout point Streetfighter ready for battle Tail end of the ride and those remaining at Fuddruckers