Laughlin River Run 2002

Some of the Vmax enthusiasts who went on the ride to Oatman Sat. morning


We had about 14 Vmaxes show up for this event, although not all at once. Ride to and through the ghost town of Oatman AZ, breakfast/dinner meetings, Vmax 'showoff' ride down the packed Laughlin strip. Once again the Laughlin 'drag races' wouldn't let any bike not American made to run down their 1/8 mile stip. 

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Streets of Ghost Town Oatman


Bill and Deborah get ready for the 40 mile ride back to Laughlin
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Ride back from Oatman
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Ride back from Oatman


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Suzy in sidecar


Greg Varela burning out on the Laughlin strip Sidecar action (windows  movie 242K)
Jerry gets stopped for riding on 2 of 3 wheels


Police cannot find a vehicle code violation for driving with a sidecar off
the ground.


  Dieter and recent bride Stephanine


We came across this Vmax babe camped out with her 94 model and matching tent (chicks like to co-ordinate) Group at Edgewater Casino

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