Laughlin River Run 2000

Some of the Laughlin event attendees who went on the Oatman ride.

Click here for an .avi movie of some attendees in Laughlin.

We had about 20 Vmaxes show up for this event, although not all at once. Ride to and through the ghost town of Oatman AZ, breakfast/dinner meetings, Vmax 'showoff' ride down the packed Laughlin strip, and breakfast meeting with Yamaha officials highlighted this event. 

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Part of the group at the Yamaha sponsored breakfast


Bikes at Yamaha tent Checking out the bikes with Ed Burke, Yamaha product planner
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Ed Burke, Kelly Cash, and Jerry Ferguson discuss the future of the Vmax


Frank Pero and George Thorward in Laughlin traffic
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Arrival in Oatman ghost town. Suzy sitting on DragonMax.


Wild burrows in the street in Oatman Vmax group in Oatman
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This couple rode from Nebraska to Laughlin (no back rest) for the event


Group in Oatman More Oatman group pics
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On the way back to Laughlin from Oatman


State-of-the-art Harley. The wooden wheels cost extra. Dinner at the Golden Nugget casino
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Other end of the dinner table at the Golden Nugget


Group getting ready for cruise down the Laughlin strip Colorado Belle action at night
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Maxes getting ready for ride down the strip at night


Custom seat


George Thorward in Oatman
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Ladies on bikes Ladies on bikes Harley drags. They wouldn't let us run the Vmaxes at this event. 'American made bikes only' we were told.


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Flamingo Hotel at night Cool t-shirt Oatman action


chicks.jpg (45295 bytes) oatman22.jpg (53131 bytes) oatman23.jpg (72543 bytes)
Excited maxers in Oatman


Donkey-shaped bike in Oatman
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Maxes in Oatman


Maxes in Oatman New Metzler 240 series ME880 tire
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Maxes in Oatman


Maxes in Oatman Maxes in Oatman
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Pose in front of the mighty Colorado River Panoramic view of the night action Vmaxes at Yamaha booth


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