2005 Doug Bennett Memorial Ride

Phoenix to Sedona Arizona - USA

April 30-May 1, 2005

Entry into Jerome AZ with snow-capped San Francisco peaks in the background


For our 2005 event we retraced our original 2000 DB ride path back to Sedona from Phoenix. The weather was absolutely perfect for a weekend of riding. We had 25 bikes show up for the event, everything from Vmaxes to Goldwings with a few Euros thrown in to spice up the mix. After a 200 mile ride to Sedona over some of the best roads and most beautiful scenery in AZ, we spent the night in downtown Prescott AZ and mixed it up on world famous Whisky Row Saturday night.

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Bikes at rendezvous spot Saturday morning


Bikes at rendezvous spot Saturday morning Bikes at rendezvous spot Saturday morning
Nicely customized Vmax Steve's evil paint job Johns new flamer paint job


Bikes at breakfast stop Euro exotica Euro exotica


Bikes at breakfast stop Breakfast in Yarnell, family-style


Brian's face would have fit in this pic if he could have lost another 40-50 lbs on that Adkins diet last year  (see Topanga 2004 pics). His poor little R1 would be happier too...


Breakfast in Yarnell Breakfast in Yarnell


Lord knows we try to run a "G' rated ride, but some chick always manages to wear "PG-13" jewelry


Gas stop


Another gas stop


Jim and one of his Vmaxes
Jerome always puts this sign up when they hear the Vmaxes (and Brian) are coming to town


Overlook from Jerome


Participants in the Outlaw firing squad event
Bikes in Jerome


Bikes in Jerome


Nathan 'Nebraska' and his classic CB-750


Bikes in Jerome Those bugs are actually painted on the front of Greg's Trimuph. Nice effect.


Rare Outlaw footage


Downtown Jerome


Hot chicks wear red jackets Sedona


Saturday night in Prescott on Whiskey Row This couple made it out for last years DB Memorial ride and got the 'best duo' karaoke award.  We were almost happy when they showed up again this year.


Chris (left) is wasted after the first 1/2 hour of drinking...
...and then the Giraffe said "Your so short your mama wears combat boots!", uh,  or something like that...


See pic below... Whatever you do, don't spill that beer!


"Dude, it's that same roach. He's been watching me all night." "I'm Tex and this is my sidekick Bjorn" Emerging country singer Nathan Nebraska & his band members. Nate graciously accepted an Outlaw shirt and wore it that evening for his performance at Matt's Saloon


Russell kept showing off his recent sex-change operation Sat night at Matt's Saloon. The bouncers were OK with it though because they thought he/she was


Used to be dudes would arm-wrestle over the gal. Now they arm-wrestle the gal (and get their asses kicked) Rumor has it this guy woke up in a room other than his own (but at least somewhere in his hotel) Sunday morning.


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