2000 Holiday Ride/Dinner

Phoenix, Arizona - USA

December 9,  2000


40 mile ride from Jerry Ferguson's house in Gilbert, AZ through the hills on the twisty Apache Trail to Tortilla Flat, then on to Mining Camp Restaurant. The group later visited one of Phoenix's top blues nightclubs for the evening.

Group at Tortilla Flat

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Jerry's house


Tortilla Flat

Jerry's house before the ride


Josh Medisch's new ride


Tortilla Flat


Tortilla Flat tortilla_flat_3.jpg (48743 bytes) Tortill Flat
Bob has a headache and Russ is concerned


Steve/Patsy and Alain


Chris-Chris and Dieter


tortilla_flat_5.jpg (46077 bytes) tortilla_flat_6.jpg (46300 bytes) dinner.jpg (40968 bytes)
Tortilla Flat store Josh, Brad, and 'Belt Drive' Charlie Bernardie


Dinner at Mining Camp Restaurant
dinner_1.jpg (43383 bytes)
More dinner activity