Phoenix Area Christmas Ride/Dinner & Toy Run

December 18-19, 1999

The Christmas ride/dinner took place the evening of Dec. 18th with 12 maxes in attendance. The Phoenix area toy run (1138 motorcycles) was the following morning.

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Brad Thomas & his new chick, who's an alien from WAY south of the boarder.


Even aliens like Maxes!


2 aliens, guess which is legal?


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Bikes at Pavillions in Scottsdale.


Bob Korte


Jarjar Josh Medisch


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Jarjar Ron Starkey in action. This guy should be an actor.


Lawrence Newton


Suzie and her cool purple ornament earrings.


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Lynn pondering the problems of the world.


Bob checking out the bikes.


Maxes at Pavilions in Scottsdale.
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Christmas decorated DragonMax


Bert having conversation in other alien's native tongue. Josh Medisch
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Santa (Bert) delivering presents to all the good little Vmaxers at the dinner.


Santa reaches deep in his bag "Hohoho Josh, you've been veeeery good this year"
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"Bob, you NEED the 1500cc kit in your bike, I personally give it a big thumbs up". Bradbradbrad Thomas & friend Mike from Texas. These 2 Texans barley fit in the same pic.


Ye-haw! Jerry Ferguson & 'significant other' Suzie kick it up on the dance floor.
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Dinner group Mike Cramer gets his present.


Dinner group from the other direction...
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Bert delivers present to Charlie Bernardi AKA 'Mr. Belt Drive'


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Signup for toy run


Other direction at signup


Bikes lined up ready for run


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Maxes ready to go!


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Jerry & DragonMax during run


Jerry Ferguson on DragonMax




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Brad & Kelly waving


Police stopped traffic at intersections.


Bikes in front of the Maxes


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Bikes stretched about 4 miles behind us


Police escort


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Maxes way in front of next Harley's in line


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Forward view at rest stop


Rearward view at rest stop. Bikes were lined up as far as you could see...


Rogue Vmax rider performing unsanctioned wheelie. The local law enforcement are currently hot on this guys trail. We feel quite confident he'll be dealt with appropriately.


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Vmax group on toy ride. (L->R) Josh & Tina Medisch, Jerry Ferguson, Brad Thomas & Kelly Gelwicks. Brad & Kelly


Another Brad & Kelly


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