BBQ & NMRA Drag Racing

May 17, 2003 - Phoenix Arizona  USA

The weather really warmed up for this event, topping the century mark just the day before for the first time this year. We had about 20 bikes show up for the BBQ at Jim Flack's house (thanks Jim!) and about a dozen at the track for the races. We had 3 Vmaxes enter in the hot-rod cruiser class and in the final it was Steve McManus (Mesa AZ) on his 2000 model Vmax vs. a highly modified Harley V-Rod. Steve had tuned his bike up the last couple of weeks at a local dyno shop and the local drag strips getting about 135 RWHP with a Kerker, stock carbs, and some porting to his heads. His ET's have recently dipped into the 10's. He had been running faster times than the V-Rod all day in qualifying and eliminations by 2/10 of a second but lost in the final due to a missed shift into forth. Steve won the class against the same V-Rod last year in another Phoenix area event. Overall the Vmaxes took 2nd (Steve), 3rd (Kenny Kelley), and 4th (Bill McReynolds).

More pics from the drag strip are on the way, check back!

Bill McReynolds from Tucson AZ (yellow bike) and Steve McManus (Mesa AZ) race in a qualifying run at the 2003 Phoenix NMRA Drag races



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Bill vs. V-Rod in qualifier

Vmax Brad (running ET's only) gets a little too much traction

Steve 'n Kenny in qualifier


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Jim's driveway, the rest of the bikes were in the street.











Bikes at BBQ


  Drag action
Kenny vs V-Rod


Top Fuel in staging lane. This guy completely blew the cylinders off the cases in the final with a BIT too much juice!


Watching from inside.  Track opened it for the Vmax crowd.
Steve vs. Bill Staging lane Steves lonely Max waiting in the staging lane


Brad heating it up


Stretch Busa




  Bikes in staging lane  


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