Vmax BBQ

and Ride to Scottsdale Pavillions

July 1999 


Everyone in front of Brad's house.


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BBQ fun


BBQ fun


BBQ fun


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Kelly & her creation! There were a few tears when we cut it.


The hosts of the BBQ event, Brad Thomas and Kelly Gelwicks. MUCH thanks to Brad and Kelly. 


Checkin' out the bikes


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More minglin'


Pretty little maxes all in a row!




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Maxes and pilots





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Doug Bennett


Maxes at the Pavilion's in Scottsdale.


Vmax-asses at sunset, scoops galore.


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Southwest Maxes at sunset John Wolan getting a ticket for having a bike that 'just looks too damn fast'. At least the officer was having a good time...


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Future Max owner


Josh Medisch Johnny Kaercher & son prepare for the 125 mile ride back to Tucson (or was it 125mph?).