Back in the late 90's Paul Sayegh, a former V-Max owner and avid motorcycle enthusiast, started the Vmaxtech list internet forum to provide a place where V-Max enthusiasts everywhere could join in and communicate with each other free of charge.  Because of the popularity of the forum, he soon realized he could leverage the rapidly growing membership numbers to solicit discounts from V-Max vendors.

The V-Max lists have continued to grow and now boast world-wide membership of 1500+ V-Max enthusiasts just like you. In co-operation with the Vmaxtech and Vmax Social List moderator Jerry Ferguson, V-Max Outlaw will continue to leverage the lists memberships and the growing popularity of V-Max Outlaw to bring you, the V-Max enthusiast, special discounts and deals just for being part of the V-Max community. After all, discounts don't cost anything to arrange, and we feel everyone in our 'V-Max community' should benefit as much as possible.

All discounts represented have been independently arranged by V-Max Outlaw or Vmaxtech moderators (past or present). Similar discounts may be available to various club members (and arranged by them) but Vmaxtech and V-Max Outlaw arranged discounts are available at NO CHARGE to every Vmaxtech subscriber (or in some cases even non-Vmaxtech list subscribers!).

Thanks to Paul, Terry Campbell, and Jerry and all the others others who have worked to benefit all V-Max owners everywhere.

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